22Sparrow Maintenance

Because of the way the 22Sparrow can be disassembled, it has the unique ability to be cleaned after light and/or heavy use in order to prolong the life and effectiveness of the suppressor. Suppressors that cannot be disassembled have substantial lead, carbon and other buildup that eventually renders these suppressor useless. The traditional sealed silencer design made by our competitors has a tendency to trap excess moisture and debris that may cause those silencers to be less effective and wear out more quickly than the 22Sparrow technology.


The 22Sparrow can be easily disassembled for cleaning and we recommend the suppressor is cleaned after every 1000th round. Failure to clean the 22Sparrow after 1000 rounds could result in difficult disassembly, We also recommend that any time the suppressor is disassembled after use it should be cleaned before reassembly. After the lead and carbon builds up on the inner walls of the half tubes it is difficult to reassemble because debris will interfere with the tight and proper fit of the half tubes.

Chemical and Solvent Resistant

The original 22Sparrow was made from aerospace grade aluminum which made your choice of cleaning agents slim. The new, completely stainless steel 22Sparrow can be disassembled and cleaned using solvents, ultra sonic tanks, light abrasive media/soda blasting or certain chemical dips. The use of abrasive pads, or wire brushes are acceptable as well but you should test it on a small, inconspicuous area to make sure there is no scratching to the metal finish. Clean, as noted herein, and dry all components of the suppressor and assemble completely before use. Please note that harsh solvents and chemical dips are toxic and can cause bodily harm. Please use proper protection, read all warning labels and dispose of materials in the proper way.

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